Have you got a graphic project? Let’s create it together!

New brands and restyling of existing graphics

Just like a couture suit, unique and exclusive! Creating a brand means to accurately communicate what distinguish you from the rest of the world. I don’t take care only of new logos and logotypes, but also of rebranding and complete restyling.

  • Logos

  • Logotypes

  • Complete study of logo or logotype

  • Shop windows, signboards, exhibition stands and customization of clothing, both for work and other purposes


logo su miura claudia piola

biglietto da visita claudia piola grafica


I find out and develop all the applications of your new or old logo

Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, but also signboards, pricelists and menu. I evaluate materials and alternative shapes to satisfy your needs in an original way.

  • Classic brand identity: business card, letterheads, envelopes, rubber stamp and everything comes into your mind!

  • Refined brand identity, with a study of the most original and useful applications for your company

  • Shop windows, signboards, exhibition stands and customization of clothing, both for work and other purposes


Communication doesn’t stop at business card

I realize visual and graphics and I grant you uniformity between all the material of your company or brand. To communicate means having an uniform aspect also in the image you share on social and on your infographics. I also realize images and illustrations for your events.

  • Visual for websites, social network and on line marketing campaigns

  • Visual for off line campaigns, leaflets design, invitations, poster and all the other promotional material

  • Illustrations and vectorial illustrations for infographics, invitations, birthday and greeting cards

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illustrazioni claudia piola grafica

disegno fiori acquerello disegno botanico botanical artist claudia piola


Are you looking for somebody who realize for you illustrations, watercolours or botanical drawings? You are in the right place!

You can customize your products, your gadget and the rooms where you receive your customers, standing out for your originality. I will help you to find the best subject and I will create sketches which I will digitalize with the best quality and resolution.

  • I create Layout meeting your needs

  • I will suggest you the best professionals to contact for the production of the objects

  • Business invitations, greeting cards, rooms and offices customizations and products that will makes you memorable.

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The perfect graphic for memorable days, fully customizable!
I will help you to choose the right subject, my favourite is the floral and to pair colours and materials in the best way!
No detail will be neglected. I can realize handmade envelopes for your invitations, and you can customize them for your needs. But it’s not all! If you want a romantic touch I can handwrite with ink and nib the names of your invited.
This will give a craft touch to your project and will make it unforgettable.

  • Handmade graphic for ceremonies that I will digitalize if necessary.

  • Fully customizable handmade envelopes.

  • Calligraphy on envelopes and other materials.

  • I will help you to choose the best colours and materials to recreate the atmosphere you have in your mind!

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partecipazioni di nozze acquerello

Do you have a project? Call me and do it together!

 I work mostly in Ferrara and Rovigo, but don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m always on the road!

Many companies and professionals already have their corporate identity, what are you waiting for?